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In an uplifting world, when most of the thing has altered online. Our data and information have become digital DNA of oneself, it consists of each and every detail of individual, bank account, social media, personal information and many more. When we open any website, file and anything we have to make sure that it does not have any virus or hacker on that file. To allow the computer to run smoothly and quicker, we require the computer to be secured properly. It depends on how we use and treat computer, like individual we need to be secure from diseases, so we take regular care of our self. In computer to stop malware, and viruses we should protect our computer or any devices to potential vulnerabilities.



Computer Security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized materials on your computer. Prevention measures helps you to stop unauthorised or uncertified users (hackers or botnet) from accessing any part of your computer systems. Detections helps you to determine whether or not someone attempted to break into your system, if they were successful, and what all information they could have gather. Our computers have become an extension of everything we do from banking and investing to shopping and confidential work to communicating with others through emails, or chat. You consider your communication “private”, most likely you do not want strangers or third party reading your email, using your computer to attack other systems, sending forged email from your computer, or examining personal information stored on your computer. Hackers do not care about your identity and information. Often, they want to gain control of your computer so they can use it to launch attacks on other computer system using your system. Having control of your entire system without your concern gives the hackers the ability to hide their actual locations as they launch attacks, often against high-profile computer systems such as government, banks and financial system. Hackers have the ability to watch all your actions on the computer, or cause trauma to your computer by reformatting your hard drives or changing your data. Unfortunately, hackers are always discovering new vulnerabilities to exploit in computer software. The complexity of software makes it increasingly difficult to thoroughly test the security of computer systems.